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Glazing Options

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At Lighthouse Framing, we offer a wide range of glazing options to enhance, beautify and protect whatever project you need framed.


Our goal is to ensure that you can obtain the right glazing, tailored to your needs, without compromising quality or value.

Always in stock
UltraVue® UV70 Glass

For optimal clarity, this glass offers crystal clear color transmission and an almost invisible, anti-reflective surface, ensuring the finest details are vividly displayed.


With its UV filtration limited to 70%, it is however unsuitable for valuable original artworks.


Yet, for less expensive pieces shielded from UV exposure, it enhances colours and contrasts, making it an ideal choice.

TruVue® Premium Clear Glass

This is a high quality regular framing glass, in a thicker 2.5mm thick substrate.

This glazing option blocks no more than 45% of UV light. Allows over 90% of light transmission and less than 8% light reflection.

This glass is perfect for rooms that have minimal light.  It is the more affordable option of glazing.

For custom orders
Conservation Clear® Glass

This particular glass is a popular choice in custom framing, offering multiple benefits.


It blocks 99% of UV rays, maintains a smooth glass surface without ripple effects, and its 2.5mm thickness ensures superior strength and rigidity.


Ideal for preserving both valuable original artwork and less precious items from harmful UV damage.

We recommend visiting our studio in Busselton
to see the glazing options first hand.

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